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LGBTQ+ & BIPOC Therapy

At Mixed Emotions is a queer owned practice with queer & LGBTQ+ affirming therapists. We seek to provide safer space for our queer, trans, & BIPOC communities to explore the complex dynamics that come with being marginalized in our present world. We seek to empower you, help you process the challenging parts of life, and offer individualized care to your specific needs. We see you as an expert in yourself while offering structure and guidance to ensure you meet your specific goals.


Our view on LGBTQ+ & BIPOC affirming therapy: We understand that marginalized individuals face unique and debilitating challenges in our world. We see how there is a lack of access to true care - whether it be community, medical, social, or political care. We seek to help you embrace autonomy, authenticity, and trusted support systems. Additionally, we help you manage anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma via compassionate and empowering tangible skills. Our clinicians have specialized training in LGBTQ+ and BIPOC affirming care and continually educate ourselves and stay up to date on current approaches to care.

Our LGBTQ+ & BIPOC affirming modalities: Multicultural Feminist Therapy, Intersectional Feminism, Family Systems (Bowenian, Structural, Experiential), Attachment-Based Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy


We are also very much sex positive, and poly, non-monogamy & kink affirming!

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Some of the areas we help LGBTQ+ & BIPOC clients with include:

  • Sexual identity & gender identity

  • Life stressors & transitions

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Trauma, grief, & loss

  • Social & political hopelessness

  • Emotional intimacy & communication issues

  • Relationship conflict & family conflict

  • Cultural challenges

  • Open, non-monogamous, and poly relationships

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