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Couple's Therapy

At Mixed Emotions, we help couples build stronger, more grounded relationships that emphasize intimacy and connection. Whether you are starting a new relationship, reinforcing a current one, or managing a potential split, we are here to support you without judgment. Our goal is to help you maintain your individual autonomy while fostering unity.


Our view on couples: When entering a relationship, each partner comes from a unique family and cultural background that influences the way you show up in a relationship. Often, this can lead to relational challenges due to coming from different life experiences and traumas. Our therapists help you identify your relational patterns and how they were cultivated. We then help you shift interactional patterns via communication and connection strategies to cultivate relational synergy and meet your treatment goals. Furthermore, we help you identify your relationship's unique strengths and highlight ways to utilize these strengths to your benefit. 


Our couple's therapy modalities: Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), Family Systems (Bowenian, Structural, Experiential), Attachment-Based Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy,


We are also very much LGBTQ+ specialized, sex positive, and poly, non-monogamy & kink affirming!

Some of the areas we help couples with include:

  • General relational growth

  • Life stressors & transitions

  • Emotional intimacy & communication issues

  • Family conflict & stressors

  • Cultural differences

  • Sexual challenges

  • Open, non-monogamous, and poly relationships

  • Premarital & pre-parental support

  • Trauma, grief, & loss

  • Infidelity

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